New Racking System

Elevate Your Domestic Projects With Versatile Beams and Columns From Our New Rack System

When it comes to domestic construction and renovation projects, the right materials and products can make all the difference. Hibernia Steel, a name synonymous with quality, is proud to introduce its new racking system at the trade counter.

This revolutionary rack system offers a diverse range of beams and columns in short lengths, catering to the specific needs of your domestic projects.

How our new racking system helps with the project at hand

Whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, Hibernia Steel's rack system can help you transform the way you approach construction; it provides:

-      Convenience and accessibility: time and efficiency matters to us too. A wide selection of beams and columns are conveniently situated at our trade counter to allow you to find the products you need quickly.

-      Quality: committed to offering only the best every time. Hibernia Steel takes immense pride in the quality of its products. Our rack system at the trade counter boasts beams and columns made from the finest materials, meticulously tested for durability and strength.

-      Versatility: each project has unique requirements. Our rack system is engineered to cater for this - beams and columns in various lengths are available to help you source what you need quickly.

-      Expert guidance from a knowledgeable team. Navigating through various options isn’t always easy; however, our dedicated team will be there to assist you.

Why choose to shop with us?

As you embark on your next domestic project, trust Hibernia Steel to be your reliable partner, providing top-quality products and expert guidance at every step.

With our rack system's wide selection of beams and columns, your vision for a stronger and safer home can now become a reality. Drop by our trade counter today to explore the limitless possibilities our new rack system has to offer.