Stuart Grehan

Stuart Grehan: A Rising Star on the Greens

Talent, dedication, and perseverance can lead to incredible achievements in any walk of life. Hibernia Steel, renowned for its commitment to excellence, is thrilled to partner with the exceptionally talented young professional golfer Stuart Grehan.

Joining forces with Stuart exemplifies our dedication to fostering success beyond the realm of construction. This collaboration signifies a powerful alliance between entities that share the same pursuit of greatness and a passion for reaching new heights.

Stuart Grehan's journey in the world of golf

Stuart's journey in the world of golf has been nothing short of remarkable. From an early age, he demonstrated an innate talent for the sport, honing his skills and perfecting his swing.

Over the years, Stuart's commitment has seen him rise through the ranks, becoming a formidable presence in the competitive golfing arena. On turning professional, he was the number one amateur golfer in Ireland.

His impressive achievements, unwavering determination, and sportsmanship have earned him recognition and respect from peers and fans alike.

Together Towards New Horizons

Our relationship with Stuart extends beyond a mere sponsorship - it represents a meeting of minds and values. The synergy between us and Stuart promises to create an exciting journey filled with accomplishments and breakthroughs.

As Stuart takes on new challenges on the golf course, Hibernia Steel will be cheering him on from the sidelines, reinforcing his belief that determination, combined with the right support, can lead to astonishing achievements.


With Hibernia Steel's steadfast support and Stuart Grehan's unwavering determination, the future holds boundless opportunities for this dynamic partnership. Together, they will continue to drive success on and off the golf course.