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Universal Columns

Universal Columns (UC) are also commonly referred to as Girders, Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ’s), I Beams and H Beams.

We stock from 152x152x23kg up to 305x305x198kg

Top Quality Universal Columns at Hibernia Steel

A strong universal column is going to help avoid any twisting issues. Getting dependable steel columns in Ireland couldn’t be easier when you order form Hibernia Steel.

With a wide range of universal columns in stock, and the option to have the columns drilled to your specifications, Hibernia Steel can help you get the steel you need in no time at all.

Universal Columns cut how you need them

The Hibernia Steel range of universal columns starts at 152x152x23 (12.2M) and goes up to 305x305x198 (18.3M), and we can help with custom sizes if you’re working with what would be considered a unique project. It is also worth noting that our structural engineering team specialise in helping clients get steel columns cut and drilled and large-scale projects.

We recommend getting in touch, especially if you want to come to our depot for collection of steel products.


High quality steel column stocks for all industries

Hibernia Steel has been in the industry for over three decades now, so we know how to provide steel columns that last.  With over 15,000 tons of steel in stock at our depot, we provide high quality steel columns for customers in all industries, be that residential, commercial or agriculture. If there’s a specific industry you’re based in, and you know your columns need to be prepped to specific standards, contact us and we’ll see how we can help.


Will I need to drill holes in the universal columns?

We know that every job will have unique specs to follow. You don’t want to order columns, get them delivered, and then take time for drilling and figuring out what goes where. Hibernia Steel as an automated cutting and drilling machine on site, letting us get universal steel columns cut exactly as needed. We also offer shot blasting and priming.


Helping your source all your steel needs

If you need help sourcing columns, phone the Hibernia Steel team on +353 41 9831702. You can also leave a message outside of office hours here. Remember, we can provide delivery across the country quickly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about project downtime.

And if you’re ordering columns, you may also need universal beams delivered too! You can see our range of UB steel beams here.

Any questions please contact the office by phone or email: